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Why the World's Largest TV Shows Do Well as Games

Have you ever wondered why a good percentage of the bestselling games are based on TV shows? Just take a walk around your local video store, or even through Wal-Mart for that matter, and you’ll quickly recognize many of the titles lining the shelves and shelves of games. Why? Because they are based on popular TV shows, but what makes those games so successful? Actually, there are a number of reasons but following are a few of the biggest reasons why the world’s largest TV shows are made into games, and do very well as a matter of fact!

Based on Favorite Characters

Whether you have been watching those shows on local TV or they are only on large networks like DISH, they are hugely popular and one of the reasons why they do well as games. Perhaps this is the main reason why the world’s largest TV shows do well as games because they are built around a viewer’s favorite characters. The player can choose to be one ‘star’ one day and another character the next. Whether you love or hate the character you are playing, you still get a chance to be that character, if only while you are playing the game.

Some Semblance of Control in Storyline

This brings us to the second reason why the world’s largest TV shows do well as games. If you love a character you are playing, you can work magic to make that character a hero in the storyline, even if they are a villain in the TV show. Likewise, if you hate a character, you can work to quickly have him or her obliterated so you no longer have to deal with them. In other words, playing a video game based on the world’s largest TV shows enables you to have some semblance of control over the outcome. You may love a TV show but hate the way the writers end episodes or seasons. In a video game, you can literally write the end, if you win that is!

Keeps Characters Fresh Long After Series Have Ended

Another leading reason why the world’s largest TV shows do well as games is because viewers never wanted the season or the series to end. By playing out different strategies within the game you can keep the characters fresh and alive, even long after the series has ended. Similar to how you can control outcomes, you can always give characters new personalities, dress them differently and keep them playing out their roles endlessly, in one way or another. It’s a fun way to keep your favorite TV show alive and sometimes with the hope somewhere in the back of your mind that the networks will bring them back to life based on their continued popularity with gamers.

So there you have it. The world’s largest TV shows do well as games because you loved the shows, you loved the characters and now you can bring them home to your very own console. Have fun playing and if you are lucky, those shows just may see a network comeback!