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Looking for the Perfect Gift for a Special Boy?

Looking for the Perfect Gift for a Special Boy? Start with Trucks!

Although you are probably thinking that saying boys love trucks is stereotypical imagery, the fact is that boys really do love trucks. From an early age you begin to notice that boys love trucks, girls love dolls and there is no rhyme or reason as to why that is. Actually, some say it’s genetics, others say it’s hormones and others say it’s ‘programmed’ into them by the parents buying the toys they play with. Whatever the reason, boys love trucks and if you are looking for the perfect gift for a boy, anything ‘truck’ is going to be the perfect gift.

Why Boys Love Trucks

When it comes to parenting, many moms and dads just don’t understand why boys love trucks and girls love dolls. It seems as though all three of those factors mentioned above play a role in why boys have an affinity for cars and trucks. According to some psychological studies, there is a new category to think about, ‘sex-typical’ typing in which even monkeys show preference according to their gender. Is there something inherent in being a little boy that draws him to trucks? It just could be, so if you are looking for the perfect gift, find anything related to a truck from clothing to toys and he will love it. That’s almost a guarantee!

Unique Gift Ideas with Trucks

Knowing that your special boy probably has a million and one trucks, you are probably looking for something unique, something he doesn’t already have. Why not have a custom wooden jigsaw puzzle made for him with a picture of his favorite truck on it? Custom puzzles will keep him busy playing for hours on end as he tries to piece together the picture of his favorite truck. How exciting will that be? None of his friends will have anything quite like that and it will surely be one of his all- time favorite gifts. Look at some of the offerings on the Stave puzzles site and you will see just how amazing custom puzzles can be.

Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks – Video Games for All Ages

Maybe you can find video games for that boy’s age level which he can either play online or play on a home game system. There are tons of video games on the market relating to trucks and driving which would also keep him thrilled for hours on end. Remember, he wants to drive like daddy so make sure you find a video game where he is the driver. Of course most of them probably let the little ones take the wheels, but if you want one good piece of advice? Tell dad to hide the truck keys when he gets home from work. After Johnny gets behind the video wheel you don’t want to tempt him to try the real thing!

So then, don’t worry if you feel like you are stereotyping that special little boy. The truth of the matter is that boys love trucks and who cares why? If he loves them, then find a gift related to trucks and you will make his day.