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Truck Games > Monster Truck Games
Monster Truck Survival
It's a Monster Truck Stand-Off!! Battle other Monster Trucks in a circle. It's going to be a fantastic battle. S...
Played (Played: 21,496)
Monster Truck Trip
Monster Truck Trip -Customize your Monster truck and hurry throughout desert and ended cars and further obstacle...
Played (Played: 193,183)
Monster Truck Trip 2
Another Monster Truck Trip game.This second generation of this game have new levels better graphics and more int...
Played (Played: 297,335)
Monster Truck Tuning
Pimp My Monster Truck!!! What kind of of improvements will you bring to this huge truck? Modify the monster truc...
Played (Played: 225,318)
Monster Truck vs Forest
In this game you will be a mad forester, which started to hate the entire forest. You are going to develop into ...
Played (Played: 48,386)
Monster Truck Xtreme
Monster Truck Xtreme - Crazy Monster truck racing game Monster Truck Xtreme. Using Nitrous, collect stars and sh...
Played (Played: 165,214)
Monster Trucks Attack
Monster Trucks Attack -Destroy the army of killing monster trucks before they get to the city
Played (Played: 193,022)
Monster Tyre Ferrari
Monster Tyre Ferrari -The goal in this truck racing spirited is to force your Ferrari in addition to monster mea...
Played (Played: 130,960)
Monster Vocho
Monster Vocho - Vocho Monster is a fun game where you must overcome the various screens to get to the finish lin...
Played (Played: 73,103)
Monster Wheelie
Select your favorite monster truck and start race through the obstacle course without crashing. Use the arrowke...
Played (Played: 388,150)
Monster Wheels
Monster Wheels - Object of the game is to complete each level of the game in the time limit provided. Do Note th...
Played (Played: 119,625)
Moon Rally
Moon Rally - The Moon. Everything is against you here, including gravity. Do you think you can do it? In Moon Ra...
Played (Played: 70,301)
Off Road Madness
ravel through some various terrains in your new Hummer. Cross over snowy mountains, perilous deserts and more as...
Played (Played: 275,767)
Off road Madness 3
Off road Madness 3 - Off road Madness is back! Select new 4x4 vehicles create chaos in ten real-world cities: Ri...
Played (Played: 199,301)
Off Roaders 2
Off roaders truck are back. You will be off road truck driver, and you must to be first position if you want to...
Played (Played: 89,551)
Offroaders is great monster truck game. In this monster truck game the goal is very simple, to be the best. This...
Played (Played: 173,762)
Outer Space Explorer
Outer Space Explorer - Your task is exploring other planets with your space 4x4 truck. Collect gas for the bonus...
Played (Played: 59,998)
Crush the competition in 4 challenging oversized monster truck tracks!... Monster Truck Racing game with massiv...
Played (Played: 274,443)
Pepsi Max Monster Truck
Pepsi Max Monster Truck - Now you can hit the crazy way with Pepsi Monster Truck! Pull amazing stunts truck and ...
Played (Played: 138,901)
Pimp my 18 Wheeler
In Pimp my 18 Wheeler create an awesome looking Big Rig 18 Wheeler truck with all your favorite pieces!
Played (Played: 1,997,055)
Plane Shooter
Check out Plane Shooter. The object is simple. Shoot down as many planes as possible. Warning: It's addictive!!
Played (Played: 14,780)
Police Monster Truck
Romp around in your Police Monster Truck
Played (Played: 91,040)
Police Truck
Police Truck - Drive this police truck from the police station to the laboratory at the other side of the town. ...
Played (Played: 652,705)
Racing Monster Trucks
Racing Monster Trucks -In this game you can drive massive Monster Truck over crazy cool tracks.Use arrow keys to...
Played (Played: 146,066)
Rancho Ice Adventure
Time to go on an Ice Adventure. Take Rancho through varying levels, collecting diamonds and gems and more!
Played (Played: 9,553)
Red Cross Rush
Red Cross Rush - Drive and destroy anything that stand in your way. Try to reach the finish place as fast as you...
Played (Played: 76,776)
Rip Rage
Rip Rage- Drive the monster truck through the city and reach the end of the level as fast as possible. Break eve...
Played (Played: 104,986)
Scania Truck
Be the best truck driver you can be in this Game,,watch your gas levels and more.
Played (Played: 294,978)
Shoot Zombies
Your city is under attack of zombies, but you are local hero and your job is to destroy all zombies. For that pu...
Played (Played: 60,769)
Simply Rider
Simply Rider - The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. Use arrow key t...
Played (Played: 199,627)
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