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Truck Games > Monster Truck Games
18 Wheeler II
The objective of the game is to park your truck carefully in specific locations. You also would have to drive in...
Played (Played: 568,324)
4 Seasons Easy Truck
You will drive your truck in four different season by collecting different stars in the game.
Played (Played: 340,612)
4 Wheel Madness
Use the up and down arrow to move back and forth. Use the left and right arrow to lean the truck. Press P to p...
Played (Played: 533,796)
4 Wheel Madness 2
Race your monster truck across some rugged terrain in 4 Wheel Madness 2! Cross over lakes, cars, mountains and ...
Played (Played: 177,765)
4 Wheels Madness 3
4 Wheels Madness 3 - Your job is to go to the the desert with your monster truck and crush cars and rally over ...
Played (Played: 344,089)
4X4 Monster 2
4X4 Monster 2 They are huge and powerful machine who can drive through all kind of obstacles. In this monster ...
Played (Played: 129,734)
4x4 Monster Truck
4x4 Monster Truck -Drive your 4x4 monster truck and try to complete each level in the shortest time. Race over m...
Played (Played: 406,236)
Ambulance Frenzy
Ambulance Frenzy -You must to transport your patients on a hummer ambulance truck with a open cabin. Try and bri...
Played (Played: 585,260)
Batman Monster Truck Sliding
Broom broom! Batman is on his way to Gotham City! Not with his Bat mobile this time! Because Batman is aboard hi...
Played (Played: 232,625)
Big Rig - Driving School
You must demonstrate your 18 wheeler truck driving skills . If you have what it takes you will be awarded a Big ...
Played (Played: 4,411,034)
Big Truck Adventures 2
Do you have the skills to deliver the goods Use the arrow-keys to drive the truck. Press [Shift] to boost. Pr...
Played (Played: 474,898)
Bigfoot Monster Truck
Bigfoot Monster Truck - Run through all levels, but be careful that you do not crash. Can you show your abilitie...
Played (Played: 258,708)
Buggy Monster Madness
Buggy Madness - Drive your monster car through all five levels crushing other cars and collecting starts for poi...
Played (Played: 220,410)
Bush Rampage
In Bush Rampage game drive in a bigfoot truck over the trucks, tanks, villages, and people. Earn money, upgrade ...
Played (Played: 681,363)
Crazy Mustang 2
Crazy Mustang 2 -The Crazy Mustang Monster truck is back again. Hop in and Jump over obstacles and crush everyth...
Played (Played: 210,366)
Crazy Mustang Truck
Get in your High wheels mustang and trample over cars and big trucks!
Played (Played: 489,433)
Crazy Ride
Crazy Ride - Power through the levels and try to collect all the letters in your choice of vehicle. Do while tru...
Played (Played: 204,558)
Crusher Tank
Crusher Tank - Drive your monster crusher tank on the filled with obstacles road.Destroy all Vehicles on the roa...
Played (Played: 181,109)
Demolish Truck 2
Demolish Truck 2 -Drive your truck, collect all the stars, trash the other cars under your massive wheels and tr...
Played (Played: 285,651)
Desert Monster
Desert Monster - Desert awaits you at Monster Desert racing game suv. Choose your monster truck and get the bree...
Played (Played: 188,216)
Dinosaur Truck
In Jurassic Park everything is huge and fast. Try to be the truck driver in this park and your job is to deliver...
Played (Played: 143,294)
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider - Drive the dragon truck as fast as possible without rolling over and try to pass every level. Use ...
Played (Played: 213,156)
Earn to Die
This is interesting drive game mixed with zombie elements. You task is very simple, you must to stay alive. For ...
Played (Played: 353,596)
Extreme 4x4 Racer
Extreme 4x4 Racer -In this game you can design your own monster truck and complete all challenge tracks. Collect...
Played (Played: 290,970)
Extreme Jumper
Extreme Jumper -Put the paddle to the metal and try to jump over other trucks in front of you. If your speed is ...
Played (Played: 309,771)
Extreme Truck
The monster trucks have returned. Drive them through water, snow, dirt in the most extreme European environments...
Played (Played: 397,373)
Extreme Truck 1
Extreme Trucks is another 2D vehicle skill game which is quite similar to the well known bike games.
Played (Played: 263,070)
Extreme Truck Part 2 USA
They are bigger, faster, stronger! Test out the new red wheels in the extreme conditions of the North Americ...
Played (Played: 330,367)
Extreme Trucks 3
Extreme Trucks 3 - In this new third version of extreme trucks compete against the best players on each track, w...
Played (Played: 376,158)
Grand Truck Game
Grand Truck Game -Drive your Grand Monster Truck through the hilly mountains to end line in each level track saf...
Played (Played: 277,935)
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