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Truck Games > Monster Truck Games
Monster Truck 3D
Monster Truck 3D - At this game you can run Monster Truck crazy on 3D tracks. Do not fall into the holes of the ...
Played (Played: 294,112)
Monster Truck America
Monster Truck America - In this racing game you can drive your monster truck thought the Grand Canyon and not le...
Played (Played: 318,445)
Monster Truck Builder
This game is for you �pimp your car� game fans! Now you can create your own monster truck by dragging and droppi...
Played (Played: 174,399)
Monster Truck Curfew
Get Your Tilty Truck Home in Time! You're past your curfew, time to drive over some cars and vans. Watch out fo...
Played (Played: 241,972)
Monster Truck Demolisher
Monster Truck Demolisher - Crazy off-road race on earth! Choose your monster and destroy all the cars that are o...
Played (Played: 260,618)
Monster Truck Destroyer
In Monster Truck Destroyer you must crush cars and everything, collect bombs and complete tracks. Race your gian...
Played (Played: 223,676)
Monster Truck In Hell
Drive your monster truck in hell hills and collect lost souls. Complete each hell level as fast as possible.
Played (Played: 98,087)
Monster Truck Maniac
Drive your monster truck into bombs and mines as you try to get farther and farther. use the left and right arr...
Played (Played: 440,109)
Monster Truck Maniac 2
Get in your monster truck for another round of crazy mini-games. Unlock new trucks and colors as you complete mi...
Played (Played: 482,867)
Monster Truck Maniac 3
Monster Truck Maniac 3 - Monster Truck Maniac is back now with third generation.Drive your monster truck once ag...
Played (Played: 166,961)
Monster Truck Memory
If monster trucks appeal best to you then playing Monster Tuck Memory will grab your attention! Play Monster Tr...
Played (Played: 42,316)
Monster Truck Nitro
Select your Monster Trucks and get to the finish line before the time runs out,smash up and do damage to as many...
Played (Played: 292,222)
Monster Truck Puzzle
If solving jigsaw puzzles are your kind of game and monstrous off round trucks are your kind of ride then solvin...
Played (Played: 72,941)
Monster Truck Race
What more can be fun than racing in the desert? So step on the accelerator and drive your monster truck in this ...
Played (Played: 92,435)
Monster Truck Race 2
Pack your gears and let
Played (Played: 81,686)
Monster Truck Race 3
Are you ready for a massive game of monster truck racing? Sit back, relax and step on the accelerator with this ...
Played (Played: 81,381)
Monster Truck Racers
Race to the finish line, can you drive this over size vehicles?
Played (Played: 342,068)
Monster Truck Racing
Monster Truck Racing -Design your monster truck and try and unlock all the courses and cars. Extra bonus car for...
Played (Played: 142,058)
Monster Truck Rage
This is monster truck game where you must to collect the stars, but only yellow stars are god one. You have and ...
Played (Played: 61,814)
Monster Truck Rampage
get to the end of the level and destroy as many enemy units on your way as possible. Pick up power-ups, they are...
Played (Played: 202,621)
Monster Truck Rush
Monster Truck Rush - Monster truck rush is a top-view racing game monster truck. You're a monster truck driver a...
Played (Played: 71,236)
Monster Truck Street Rally
Race through city streets in your monster truck! Bonus points and a speed boost given for squashing pedestrians.
Played (Played: 227,995)
Monster Truck Trip
Monster Truck Trip -Customize your Monster truck and hurry throughout desert and ended cars and further obstacle...
Played (Played: 187,133)
Monster Truck Trip 2
Another Monster Truck Trip game.This second generation of this game have new levels better graphics and more int...
Played (Played: 292,394)
Monster Truck Tuning
Pimp My Monster Truck!!! What kind of of improvements will you bring to this huge truck? Modify the monster truc...
Played (Played: 220,141)
Monster Truck vs Forest
In this game you will be a mad forester, which started to hate the entire forest. You are going to develop into ...
Played (Played: 44,102)
Monster Truck Xtreme
Monster Truck Xtreme - Crazy Monster truck racing game Monster Truck Xtreme. Using Nitrous, collect stars and sh...
Played (Played: 160,525)
Monster Trucks Attack
Monster Trucks Attack -Destroy the army of killing monster trucks before they get to the city
Played (Played: 188,086)
Monster Tyre Ferrari
Monster Tyre Ferrari -The goal in this truck racing spirited is to force your Ferrari in addition to monster mea...
Played (Played: 127,406)
Monster Vocho
Monster Vocho - Vocho Monster is a fun game where you must overcome the various screens to get to the finish lin...
Played (Played: 70,423)
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