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Truck Games > Bike Games
Prince of race
Hop on your motorcycle and prepare to become the Prince of Race. Best your opponents in this fun race.
Played (Played: 2,550)
Pumpkin Head Rider 2
It's time to eat all of the candy as the Pumpkin Head Rider! In the new installment of this game, hope on your m...
Played (Played: 1,838)
Quad Trials
Can you make the Quad Trials? Take your bike, jump over obstacles, and race to the finish line. You and your bik...
Played (Played: 3,412)
Race Choppers
Race Choppers - Are you man enough to ride with the West Coast Choppers? Fire up your bike and race to the finis...
Played (Played: 72,857)
Rash Race
Rash Race - Winter motor racer rash Race. There is only one rule to win this race: Be FAST! Compete in this ulti...
Played (Played: 53,295)
Rash Rider
Take your bike and perform great tricks on your way to the finish line in this fun game.
Played (Played: 2,432)
Risky Rider
Risky Rider - Get on your bike and dare! Jump and get your bike as high as possible doing some cool tricks. ...
Played (Played: 117,673)
Risky Rider 6
Take the risk with Risky Rider 6. Hop on your bike and gain points for performing all sorts of stunts.
Played (Played: 16,558)
Robo Bike
Robots gone rogue and threatens to destroy the place. Race through the city and smash as many as you can without...
Played (Played: 62,703)
Rock Band Roadie
A roack band is nothing without its hardrocking and faithful roadies.The band needs their roadies to set up the ...
Played (Played: 71,258)
Rock Fury ATV Racing
Rock Fury ATV Racing is a skill game in which your mission is to pass the road safely and get as many points as ...
Played (Played: 57,263)
Rocket Bike
Rocketbike - Race against opponents with your rocket bike. Purchase upgrades to help defeat them. Use the arrow ...
Played (Played: 93,609)
Rough Ride
Rough Ride -Ride to the top of this rough bike challenge, or take a face full of dirt trying.Help your bike ride...
Played (Played: 80,426)
Rush Rush Santa
Rush Rush Santa -Santa's sled must be broken
Played (Played: 50,409)
Sahara Challenge
Sahara Challenge - Ride through the hot desert of your motorcycle, but beware that you will not fall.
Played (Played: 53,377)
Santa Rider
Santa Rider -Drive Santa on his dirt motorbike or ATV! Be fast as he has present to deliver! Collect the present...
Played (Played: 83,973)
School Race
Here's a great chance to beat your friends at school in School Race. Race your BMX against your opponents and ma...
Played (Played: 5,784)
Scoot Out Of Here
Hop on your scooter and make your way out of town as quick as you can. Do so and avoid all obstacles in order to...
Played (Played: 12,818)
Sketch Ride
Sketch Ride - Ride on your motorbike, collect coins and clear finish. Use the arrow keys to drive your motorcycle.
Played (Played: 39,028)
Smart Biker
Be the Smart Biker as you travel on this track. Avoid all obstacles but collect the money.
Played (Played: 1,938)
Smurfs Fun Race
Deep in the woods lives small smurfs always hunted by big Gargamel and his cat Azrael. Smurfs challenged Gargame...
Played (Played: 5,750)
Snow Blitz
Snow Blitz - Gear up and hop on a Snow Mobile death machine to race in wild areas while performing extreme stunt...
Played (Played: 133,785)
Solid Rider
Try to drive this bike through rough terrain with huge empty space between roads. But on your right side on the ...
Played (Played: 72,027)
Sonic Crazy Ride
Sonic Crazy Ride - Sonic Crazy Ride is comic book based moto racer. Now you can help the Sonic the Hedgehog ride...
Played (Played: 63,332)
Soviet Bike
Soviet Bike - Soviet Bike is Motorbike Racing trip to Soviet Russia. Ride your bike and keep from tipping over a...
Played (Played: 25,119)
Speed Biker
In Speed Biker ride your bike in first person perspective. Don`t crash civil cars, stay on the road and catch gr...
Played (Played: 320,173)
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - Choose your favorite character (Spiderman, Michael, etc., you know them all?) And the BMX bike ra...
Played (Played: 51,826)
Spiderman Biker 2
Help Spiderman ride his motobike to the end of all levels without losing control.  Try to collect as m...
Played (Played: 17,416)
Spiderman Dead Bike
Spiderman Dead Bike - Spiderman Job is to connect the walls with a bridge to save the bike from falling down and...
Played (Played: 51,791)
Spiderman Drive
Spiderman needs your control to ride his bike. You have to perform thrilling stunts with perfect balance and co...
Played (Played: 43,770)
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