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Truck Games > Car Games
Fast and Phineas
Flash game in which you can try to build the fastest car by combining several car parts together. Once you h...
Played (Played: 82,267)
Fast Track
Nothing gets your blood going like a great car race. Get in your car and put the pedal to the metal!!
Played (Played: 10,838)
Fast2Furious Street Racer
Fast2Furious Street Racer - Go for a time attack and find out how good are you when it comes to taking control a...
Played (Played: 85,449)
FBI Chase
You're an FBI officer looking for terrorists. Find the terrorists and eliminate them.
Played (Played: 1,681)
Ferrari Challenge
Ferrari Challenge is a great 3d racing game. Make a best result in 3 laps and after that challenge your friends...
Played (Played: 2,108)
FFX Racing
FFX Racing is a 3D racing game set in the country. All you have to do is get to the finish line before any of th...
Played (Played: 87,522)
FFX Runner
Your enemies are fanatically determined to drive you off the road. Run away from your chasers and find the path ...
Played (Played: 148,755)
Fire Ball Car
Whip your Fireball around like it's a '72 Yenko Camaro. Have fun steering at near light speed!
Played (Played: 20,095)
Fireball 5
Fireball 5 - Drive your car in dangerous road and avoid the other cars.If you encounter them need to repair yo...
Played (Played: 41,044)
Fish Rescue
Help the piggy and penguin rescue the fish in Fish Rescue. Use your motorboat to jump and collect them while avo...
Played (Played: 1,780)
Flash Tuning Car
Tune up your car! Choose your vehicle, change colors and add custom parts as you please, can you create the perf...
Played (Played: 84,352)
Flintstones Drag
Flintstones Drag is a great racing game. Win 2 out of 3 races and qualify for the next level.
Played (Played: 2,325)
Flood Rush
Take your motorboat and out ride the wave in Flood Rush. Collect great things on the way to shore. Don't be ove...
Played (Played: 2,664)
Foofa Race
Foofa Race - In this action-packed racing game with many weapons and obstacles try to stop your opponents.Use al...
Played (Played: 29,576)
Ford GT Cup
Ford GT Cup is a great 3D racing game. Your objective is to beat out all of the other racers and finish first i...
Played (Played: 2,654)
Formula 1 Champion
Control your Formula 1 car with the arrow keys and try to reach the first place in 3 laps by passing the other c...
Played (Played: 56,469)
Formula Driver
At this Formula racing game you have three classes of cars and 12 tracks. You must to be good enough to unlock t...
Played (Played: 57,799)
Formula Fog
Choose the type of car you would like to race and drive it like the formula one
Played (Played: 36,592)
Formula in Desert
Drive your formula car around three testing racing environments. Try to avoid your competitors, navigate the twi...
Played (Played: 71,679)
Formula Racer
Formula Racer - Formula Racer is the ultimate 3D Flash Formula 1 racing game. Set your Formula 1 car and upgrade...
Played (Played: 72,638)
Free Gear
Free Gear -The player must compete in five tournaments against seven other drivers to ultimately win the world c...
Played (Played: 102,238)
Freeway Fallguy
Freeway Fall guy - Ray's got a death-wish and he's dancing on the front of your car. Will your driving skills ke...
Played (Played: 140,805)
Freeway Racer
Freeway Racer - Avoid smashing into the freeway traffic and race as far as you possibly can in Freeway Racer! U...
Played (Played: 61,861)
Frosted Winter Race
Prepare for a fun and extreme race in frosty conditions in Frosted Winter Race. Destroy the specific targets wit...
Played (Played: 3,526)
Fuel Manager
Fuel Manager - When Henry left the station at me, I did not know what to do but now I am an expert in handling t...
Played (Played: 58,115)
Fugitive Takedown
In this racing game chase the baddies in your car and run the thief's over.
Played (Played: 84,429)
Fugitive Takedown 2
Fugitive Takedown 2 - In this game You can choose one of five modes- Hunting PERP, fleeing the police while enda...
Played (Played: 46,542)
Funny Road 2
Funny Road 2 is the second part of the funny driving game.  Drive your black Lamborghini or Audi R8 o...
Played (Played: 5,534)
Futur Caby
Futur Caby - You work as a cabby for Futur Corp, and you need to meet your quota to advance to the next stage. I...
Played (Played: 76,021)
Future Car
Future Car - Make your own future car and enjoy it in this pimp car game.
Played (Played: 103,268)
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