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Truck Games > Car Games
Monster Kartz
Monster Kartz - Different skills, different goals, but one common drive. Drive to qualify for the upcoming big ...
Played (Played: 59,289)
Moon Escape
Escape from the moon in Moon Escape. Use physics and wisdom to make your way off of the moon.
Played (Played: 13,817)
Moon Buggy
Drive your moon buggy up jumps and grab the floating astronauts. Jump over gaps and don't flip.
Played (Played: 37,126)
Moutain View Racer
Mountain View Racer - Choose 1 or 2 player mode and race against your friend or computer and choose your way to ...
Played (Played: 65,245)
Multi Player Drift
Multi Player Drift - In this drift racing game, your goal is to finish and make more points from a car running o...
Played (Played: 58,597)
N20 Rush
Every racer in champion club dreams about becoming the next king of speed. To achieve the gal, you have to chall...
Played (Played: 113,904)
Nascar Cup
Nascar Cup is a great 3D racing game. Your objective is to beat out all of the other racers and finish first in ...
Played (Played: 1,452)
Neon Race
Neon Race -Smash and dash through 8 neon-soaked levels of thrilling driving action. Earn cash to upgrade your ve...
Played (Played: 53,551)
Neon Racing 2
Neon Race second generation is game with better graphics and light show, But the goal is same you must to beat t...
Played (Played: 40,140)
Neon Rider
Neon Rider - Drive your vehicle in the cyber world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your...
Played (Played: 104,137)
New Super Mario Racing
New Super Mario Racing - Race against all characters of Super Mario Bros. Use space bar to jump and x key for we...
Played (Played: 94,707)
News Hunter 2
Its time to get out of your dreams and into our news van! Your mission is to do whatever it takes to get the sto...
Played (Played: 126,462)
Nissan Racing Challenge
At this game you will drive Nissan sport vehicle and attempt to beat all opponents on the stage. You have to win...
Played (Played: 30,886)
Nitro Car
Nitro car is just like nitro thunder expecpt micosoft doesn't own Nitro Car!!
Played (Played: 15,587)
Nitro Trabi
In Nitro Trabi Game race your trabant car around the track, racing against the clock. Ctrl is for nitro and arro...
Played (Played: 37,142)
Off Road Premium Race
In this game, drive your awesome rally car around and tilt your world upside down! You get to choose from severa...
Played (Played: 59,777)
Offroad Madness GT
Offroad Madness GT - Race around the hills in a Ferrari 469 Italia, or an Aston Martin One 77 while collecting t...
Played (Played: 126,836)
Oldsckool Racer
Drive your classic oldstyle racing car as fast as possible and try to reach the first place in a 3 lap Formula r...
Played (Played: 60,003)
On The Wheels
Put your feet to the pedal and race to the finish line in On The Wheels. Be careful to avoid traffic on both sid...
Played (Played: 70,958)
One Must Fall
In or Out! There's no middle path here. Boom straight ahead and give the opponent car a thumping blow. Winne...
Played (Played: 58,392)
One Way Madness
One Way Madness -Reach the target before the time runs out and earn scores. You have to avoid the cars and obsta...
Played (Played: 64,636)
One Way Rush Drive
Test your driving skills with One Way Rush Drive. Collect money and repairs without causing accidents.
Played (Played: 1,166)
Only One 2
High-speed drifting action! Complete laps successfully and dominate everyone else in the race to claim you profe...
Played (Played: 1,921)
Out Drive
Out Drive -Drive your F1 car in this awesome retro game. Race through all 7 stage and win.
Played (Played: 49,706)
Outer Space Hot Rod
What is more fun than driving a hot ride in outer space? There are 15 training tracks in the junkyard in outer s...
Played (Played: 51,866)
Parking Lot Illegal Race
Have a little legal "illegal" fun with Parking Lot Illegal Race. Race your car around the parking lot and win wi...
Played (Played: 1,467)
Pastry Racer
Pastry Racer - In this games Choose your vehicle and get as fast as you can before time runs out. Obstacles slow...
Played (Played: 46,150)
Pasture Racing
Drive your car in the green landscape with other cars. Go through the challenging levels and overcome your own b...
Played (Played: 14,661)
Pedal To Metal
Pedal to Metal - A very sympathetic game, you direct a formula 1 on a circuit... out of toy!Le play is played wi...
Played (Played: 63,129)
Pimp My Audi Q7
Car tuning at its best - have fun and tune this Audi Q7
Played (Played: 70,338)
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